Mic & Tone Productions

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Hello!!  I am happy to introduce Mic & Tone Productions!!  If you want to schedule me for a recording at the Black Dog Arts Cafe, please call Cris Coffing at (425)-831-DOGS and set up your gig date.

Tricky thing will be to plan far in advance with me so I can put you on my calendar, so once you have your performance date, try to coordinate with me by emailing me at satellitegypsy@gmail.com.

I am a graduate of The Art Institute of Seattle and have an Associates Degree in Audio Production.  It is very exciting for me to apply my knowledge of Audio Production into a part of my livelihood.

Scope of Work

Recordings at the Black Dog Arts Cafe:

What I can provide for you is a live multitrack recording of your songs.  I can also provide a stereo two track live board feed and is typically used as a backup device to ensure we capture everything.   

After your performance I will:

1.)  Separate each song into a track with fade ins/outs.
2.) Bring overall volume up to a reasonable listening level.  
3.) Apply some Equalization/Compression/Reverb to the Main Stereo Mix.
4.) Make 1-2 copies onto disc(s) of your tracks and or on your storage device that you provide in a timely manner and or I can email you an MP3(s)

Mobile Recordings and Music Production

I can sometimes be available for you to record with me from my home studio for solo artists and duos, as well as some mobile recordings for bands, soundscapes or podcasts…
I am very open to discussing with you about your project needs and will try to work with you on a successful production.

My Rates

$25 per 3 songs
$125 for 15 songs
$250 for 30 songs
For anything additional requests outside my scope of work,my rate is $35 per hour
(Please ask me for details)

Thank you so much,

Mike Antone