Mic & Tone Productions

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Hello!!  I am happy to introduce Mic & Tone Productions!!  If you want to schedule me for a recording at the Black Dog Arts Cafe, I can be booked for Tuesday’s from 5 to 9pm. Try to coordinate with me by emailing me at satellitegypsy@gmail.com.  Most Wednesday’s I am available to record your open mic set for $25 per 3 songs. 

I am a graduate of The Art Institute of Seattle and have an Associates Degree in Audio Production. It is very exciting for me to apply my knowledge of Audio Production into the success of your recording. 

What I can provide for you is a live multitrack recording of your songs.

After your performance I will:

1.)  Separate each song into a track with fade ins/outs.
2.) Bring overall volume up to a reasonable listening level.  
3.) Apply some Equalization/Compression/Reverb to the Main Stereo Mix.
4.) Make 1-2 copies onto disc(s) of your tracks and or on your storage device that you provide in a timely manner and or I can email you an MP3(s)

Goal for mixdown is to capture a quality live representation of your performance.  

Mobile Recordings and Music Production

I can sometimes be available for you to record with me from my home studio for solo artists and duos, as well as some mobile recordings for bands, soundscapes or podcasts…
I am very open to discussing with you about your project needs and will try to work with you on a successful production.

My Rates

$35 dollars an hour for recording. Typically a 4 hour session minimum. 

$25 dollars per 3 songs for basic CD quality mixdown.  Any extra changes to mix is a rate of $10 per song. 

Open Mic rate at the Black Dog is $25 per 3 songs and I will email you MP3’s of your performance. 

Thank you so much,

Mike Antone