Show coming up this Saturday…at the Black Dog Arts Cafe

Such an honor to have both of my groups to play on the same night!!  Strong Sun Moon will be playing as a 5 piece Ensemble, with Gabe Herbert, Samantha Hiatt, Dawn Reardon, Camelia Jade & Mike Antone.  Left Coast Gypsies will be going acoustic this night!!  Steve Forsythe will be playing guitar and bass, Jonathan Nelson & Caycee Furulie will be drumming and we may even have Lynn Cornelison join us.

Really looking forward to this evening and being with all my friends up on the stage.

Mike Antone


Poster by Mike Antone 2016



It’s been so long since I have updated this whole website thing. Been playing a lot with my Family, cj and the Gypsies. Getting ready for July 18th at the black dog arts cafe:) the gypsies are here!  I’m going to try to update this site more with pure randomness