Hello everyone!

Mike Antone is from the Snoqualmie Valley in Washington State. He has been performing artist since 1998 and has been a part of many musical groups and projects. Currently he is performing with the Left Coast Gypsies, Strong Sun Moon, the Antone Family and he performs solo. Most of his gigs are located on the I-90 corridor. From Snoqualmie to Seattle, Mike is a hard working musician that puts every ounce of heart and soul into his music.

Neil Young has picked three of his protest songs and put them on Living With War Today, “Song For Aging Warriors” was submitted in 2007 and has been in the top 200 since. It reached #1 for a month in December of 2009. “Tears” reached #1 as well in April and May of 2012. Left Coast Gypsies Hit #1 on LWW TODAY March 18th 2013

–>  link to the music video for “Tears”

In 2010, he toured with Camelia Jade down to L.A. for a special tour for Lucinda Williams. Covering a heartfelt rendition of her song “Blue”. Mike & Camelia finished their album in 2013 entitled Strong Sun Moon!  You can find this cover on their album here –>

2013 was a big year for Mike.  Releasing a second album by The Left Coast Gypsies!  Their first album –>

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